The iconic sculptor Brian Muir will be our guest at Starcon Italia 2018, May 24-27 in Chianciano Terme, Tuscany.

Muir is most famous for the creation of Darth Vader’s helmet and armour using Ralph McQuarrie’s design. He was also responsible for sculpting the Stormtrooper armour in Star Wars (the helmet was sculpted by Liz Moore) and the heads for the Death Star Droid, CZ3 and some finishing work on the C-3PO full suit. Apart from Star Wars, he worked on many other movies such as Alien (for which he co-created the Space Jockey) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (for which he worked on the Ark of the Covenant prop), Harry Potter Saga, Tomb Raider 2, Guardian of the Galaxy, 007 and others.