Digital Event of the Year

It’s easy to create an attractive website that will sell tickets. Inspiro is a great fit for an event or conference website. Make use of the auto-playing video background to enhance the impact of website visitors.


9:00 - Doors Open

Welcoming the participants & registration.

9:30 - Event Launch

Harry Bronx, the founder of the conference will welcome the participants with his introduction speech.

10:00 - Julie Drew

“Complex product promotion through visual arts” speech from the Lite Media creative director.

10:40 - Tom Malick

“Evolution of video content” speech from the TransforMe CEO

11:20 - Sebastien Crown

“Where are you lead to?” speech from the Evolve digital strategist

12:00 - Blair Monte

“How endless is digital media, really?” speech from the DigiCom CEO

12:40 - Q&A Session

Discussion panel with the speakers and participants.

13:40 - Lunch Break

Taking a lunch break.

15:40 - Workshops

Participants will attend a workshop of their choice.

19:00 - Dinner with Speakers

Dinner with the speakers. Only members with Platinum Pass are invited.


We’re proud to be endorsed by our friends and partners for the event.