F.A.Q. Booking form

How can I book the StarCon?

You have to download one of the booking forms you can find on the tickets page. You have to fill it and send it to the address indicated on the same page.

Do I need this form to book autographs, panels and pictures with my favourite guests?

Yes, to book autographs, panels and pictures with the guests you need to download one of the booking forms you can find on the ticket page. You have to fill it and send it to the address indicated on the same page.

Can I purchase the entry ticket directly at the Congress Centre, without booking in advance?

Yes, it is possible to fill the form directly at the reception, like the past editions. We advise those who need an hotel room, though, to book in advance.

I am only interested in photos and autographs: do I have to purchase an entry ticket?

Yes, since those are StarCon activities. But with the ticket you can visit the stands, participate in games, conferences and various activities.

If I book the autograph session with a guest, the photo onto with he/she will sign is included?

For Mary Chieffo and Jason Isaacs the photo that will be signed is included; for Rekha Sharma you can purchase it beforehand when booking, as an extra, or directly during the convention.

John De Lancie and Robert Picardo will have photos available for purchase at their respective desks.

As an alternative you can ask them to sign a personal item or photo

Is it possible, directly at the reception of the convention, to purchase photos for the guests autographs for friends who cannot come to StarCon? Is the price of the photo still 10 euro?

Yes this is possible, subject to availability; you will find photos representing many characters portrayed by each guest during their long career. We advise to book photos in advance to be sure to arrive in Starcon and have them available for you.

It is also possible to purchase autographs using the “Vorrei ma non posso” form, downloadable in the “tickets” page, and have them delivered.

In the form you can request as many photos and autographs as you like.

What does "panel with guests" mean?

It means you have access to all the panels held by our guests where the actor or actress is on stage, telling anecdotes or answering questions from the audience. Sometime they also entertain the audience in other ways. In any case it is an unforgettable experience.

My partner and I are first time attendees. How can we be sure to stay in the same hotel room? Do we indicate this in the "notes" field?

In the booking form (please not you and your husband will have to use two forms) you can indicate each other as roommate.

May I go directly to the hotel before collecting my passes at the reception?

Yes, of course. Each hotel has a list of the attendees that will stay therein.

Is it possible to buy additional meals or the gala dinner at the convention?

Sorry, this is not possible.

I suffer from food allergies and intolerances, and I booked a package with meals. Whom do I tell about my condition?

In the booking form there is a specific area where to indicate this kind of problems.

The convention is in part in the open, what will happen in case of rain?

In case of rain all the activities will be held indoor.


Part of the convention is an open-air event, what's happens if it's raining ?

In case of rain, all the activities will be held indoor.


Is the park accessible to physically disabled people?

There are two entrances accessible for disabled people: one is the main entrance of the Parco Acquasanta and the other is an entrance for the staff (to know its location please write to sticcon@stic.it when booking).

The Palamontepaschi, the restaurant (Sala Nervi), the exhibition (Sala Ottogonale), autograph area 2 (open tensile structure), conference room (Sala Fellini) are completely accessible.

The sailing area (closed tensile structure) can be reach without meet any step or obstacle, but inside the mobility is subject to the amount of people present.

The Game Hall unfortunately is not accessible.

Toilet facilities for disabled people are in Sala Fellini.



What happens if for personal reason I have to cancel my booking?

Booking modification or cancellation need to comunicated in writing exclusively, modifications or cancellations by the phone will be not accepted.

If you cancel your booking you will be entitled to receive a refund of 10% of the access ticket cost


If a guest cancels his/hers presence at the convention, can I receive a refund?

The Organization does not guarantee the presence of a specific guest. Contracts can be cancelled by the guests themselves at any time.

In the case a guest announced is not present, the Organization will refund exclusively the extras related to that guest.

The Organization will contact all the attendees involved in the cancellation one by one by e-mail or by phone to agree on the refund arrangements or change of guest.


Whom do I have to contact to have info about exhibition stands?

Exhibitors may contact us via email: sticcon@stic.it


Railroad lines does not reach Chianciano Terme. Can you give us indications on how to arrive there?

Trains arrive to the Chiusi-Chianciano train station.

Chiusi train station is connected to Chianciano by a public shuttle leaving in connection with all the main train (except the night ones).

There will also be a free shuttle bus for the StarCon attendees.

For all info please visit the page “How to get there”

For those who arrive by train at the Chiusi station, is there a shuttle bus?

Chiusi train station is connected to Chianciano by a public shuttle leaving in connection with all the main train (except the night ones) and the price is  2.50 euros. (There is no service on Sundays).

The City of Chianciano will operate a free shuttle service for the Starcon’s attendees at preset times on our instruction. the Organization will give to the City of Chianciano a timetable to optimize the rides of the shuttle based on the times communicated by our attendees. It is possible to indicate your time of arrival in the dedicated field in the booking form or by writing to starcon.trasporti@gmail.com. The Organization has already contacted by e-mail all the attendees that had booked with earlier versions of the booking form. The final timetable will be released shortly. .

For all info please visit the page “How to get there”

At which stop do I have to get off the bus in Chianciano? How far away is the bus stop from Grand Hotel Excelsior?

Information to be confirmed

Do you have also a telephone number for a taxi?


Telephone (+39) 0578 63989


How long will it take to reach the nearest hospital (hoping we don't need to)?

20 minutes.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

In Piazza Italia, close to the Grand Hotel Excelsior.

Where is the nearest (Christian Catholic) Church?

There is a Sanctuary/Church few meters from the Congress Center of the Hotel Excelsior. Sanctuary of Saint Anthony from Padua (Santuario diocesano di Sant’Antonio da Padova).

If I lost my luggage (some guests also travels by plane), are there shops nearby to buy the minimum needed (underwear, some clothes, toothpaste and the like)?

We are in the centre of the city, there are many various shops.

Are there hairdressers that I can easily reach walking from the Hotel?

The nearest is in Piazza Italia.

Is there a bakery/pastry where we can order donuts ("bomboloni")?

You can order them directly at the Hotel Excelsior, because they have their own suppliers, or you can go to the Giglio Bakery (tel. 0578 61308 Viale G. di Vittorio 292). A few meters from the Congress Center there is Caffè Continentale (Piazza Italia, 56 – 0578070015), a bar/ice cream shop handmade/patisserie that can prepare donuts on demand (with two hours’ notice) and is available to stay open 24 hours for anyone who wants to stay up late with their friends and with some beers.

Are there any rent-a-cars?

Yes, with and without driver.

Are there minimarkets nearby?

Yes there are. The nearest is Rosso Vivo tel. 0578 62758 Viale della Libertà n. 346

Are there food services/kiosks in the park or nearby for people who do not have meals included in their convention package?

There are two cafè in the park, near the Sala Nervi and Palamontepaschi. During the convention food trucks will be present, near the Palamontepaschi.

Across the street you will find Celtic Pub and Pasticceria Elite (Viale G. Baccelli)