It is a gathering of fans, a place where you can meet new friends and have fun, a stage where you can enter costume contests. It’s a great get-together, a chance to see each other again, a great chance to be enthralled.
StarCon means chatting into the wee hours of the night on hotel sofas, drinking wine and eating bread and salami. It means wearing a costume or uniform to feel closer to your heroes. It means living for a few days in another dimension.

StarCon is where various fan clubs assemble to held their conventions.
It’s a game, it’s madness, it’s entertainment, laughters and friendship.
It is a place where you meet your friends once a year and you behave like you’ve seen them just the day before. It’s an island off this world, but never far from the world. A place where it’s never hard to find new friends. And where you’re never left alone.
It’s a mental palace, but also a real one, changing and renewed every year, adding new realities and new friends.

It is our home away from home.

It is us. And you, if you want to join us.

But beware: once you’re here you may never want to leave. StarCon can be addictive. Read these instructions carefully. It is not a medicine and you won’t find it in a pharmacy. You will find it in Bellari Igea Marina (Rimini)  from May 21th to 24th, 2020.

Science fiction and fantasy. Comics and cosplay. Actors, scriptwriters, guests. Movie and TV heroes. Literature, TV series, games, conferences.

And the sky’s the limit.

What do you do at Starcon?

But what exactly do you do during a convention?
This is the question that many fans (and often their friends and relatives too) ask when youíre talking about attending a science fiction convention. The risk is that you can confuse it with a trivial ComicCon or a Comic Books Fair like many others. Well, no, StarCon is much more than that. Just forget the faceless crowd busy to shop at stands, our convention is basically conceived differently. The setting we offer you is the same as a holiday with friends, a full immersion in the worlds of imagination, surrounded by people who have your same passions.Indeed our attendees will have many chances of deepening and socializing with others: you can play games or watch movies and series, attend panels with actors… although we don’t limit ourselves to only fiction and there are scientific conferences with scholars and scientists who will introduce you to the state of the art technology and research. And each year we devolve what we collect with various initiatives and thanks to the generosity of attendees to a charity. The convention stops every day for both meals, that we have together in one place, to offer an important social break devoted to make friends. Basically, it’s up to you to chose what you want to do! You can be just simple spectators and enjoy all the activities we offer you, or take a step further and become players in the many quizzes (on stage and not), participate in the costume contest, or feel the thrill of being a volunteer! We are preparing the many activities for our next StarCon, you can find all the details on the pages of the draft program.
While we wait for the program to be final, here are the event already confirmed.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday StarCon Italian and International guests of honor will be on the Congress Centre stage to entertain the attendees, telling anecdotes and answering questions from the audience. Click here to know who the guests are in this 2018 edition.

Scientific panels

StarCon have long been held scientific and technological conferences.
StarCon have long been held scientific and technological conferences. This year too, the Jupiter Station will be again completely devoted to science and the combination between science and science-fiction. There will be panels, events, debates and experiments. If you are astronomy, physics and general science buffs, you’ll have your work cut out for you here!  Go to the program.

Literary panels

If you like to read or write science fiction or fantasy, you cannot miss the literary events: book presentations, meetings with authors, publishers and Italian and international illustrators.  Go to the program.

Costume contest

he costume contest which will be held in Chianciano Terme at the StarCon Italia has an history that dates back decades.
At first, during the STICCONs, it was one of the most recreational and entertaining event of the convention. Recently it joined forces with the “Great Parade of Fantastic Costumes”, the contests held during Yavin 4 club’s YavinCons.   Go to rules.


“We’re all aliens…until we get to know each other”, in the hall where clubs have their stands you will find all sort of fans, ready to welcome you and become your new friends. Because science fiction is better if you share it with friends!


Do you want to put to the test your knowledge of Star Trek or Star Wars or Doctor Who or Stargate? We have something in store for you! Both on stage with quizzes and trivial or in the Game Hall with many exclusive board games and card games for fans of all ages. Would you like to impersonate one of your heroes/heroines? We have so many role-playing games always new  and intriguing! And don’t forget the not-to-be-missed team games: Kobayashi Maru game, Star Pursuit, Stargate Trivia, Tolkien Trivia and Potter Pursuit and the Murder-mistery dinner!  Go to program.

Klinzha and Nik'ta

In a room full furnished in Klingon style, our friends from IKS – Italian Klinzha Society awaits you for some Klinzha demonstrations of the strategy game where you can show off your leadership skills, or for some Nik’ta lessons the Bat’leth fight for real warriors only! And after a good workout we can sit and enjoy our fresh gagh… providing you can catch it!!  Go to program.


Are you model makers? There is room for you! The Italian Klin-zha Society has a yearly contest for self made models of any science fiction genre show(model kit only if assembled and painted by the author, dioramas, props, self made weapons replicas, etc.)
If you want to participate, go and read the Rules, or you can just take a look at the great models exhibited! Go to Rules

Premio Lisiero

Premio dedicato ad Alberto Lisiero, fondatore dello Star Trek Italian Club e alla sua instancabile pluriennale attività di diffusione del Fantastico presso il grande pubblico, perseguita con costanza, entusiasmo e generosità. Ogni anno il premio viene conferito a chi abbia raggiunto, attraverso opere, attività organizzative e di comunicazione, risultati d’eccellenza  nel nell’ampliamento del pubblico del fantastico. Vai alla pagina del premio.

Comics artists

Every year artists, writers and publishers of our favorite comic books are here with panels and autograph sessions

Vendor stands

It wouldn’t be a convention without memorabilia stands. Vendors from all over Italy and the world comes with their most interesting gadgets. You can find most of them at the Palamontepaschi.

You can visit them all for free. Go to the Starconcomics web page.