As promised, here we are again: we are actively working for Starcon 2019, cause we want our return to Bellaria to be worthy of your expectations. So, we start immediately with the first guest announcement! The first to celebrate will be fans of Star Wars, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Space 1999, James Bond 007, Harry
We promised you new revelations soon, and we will not hold back. The future is coming, and for us it has only one name: Starcon Italia 2019. First, the dates: our multicon will take place from 9 to 12 May 2019. Mark these dates on the calendar, check that there are no other important events
Franco Brambilla, the award-winning sci-fi illustrator, who works for Urania collection and other Mondadori pubblications will be a guest of Starcon Italia 2018.   On saturday night Brambilla will be awarded on stage for his wonderful image, winner of the competiton “Il tuo poster StarCon – Crea tu la locandina per la StarCon Italia 2018”.