Starcon Italia Science-Fiction and Fantasy Costumes Contest

Annual parade of costumes made by fans of the science fiction and fantasy TV series organized by Star Trek Italian Club, Yavin 4, Doctor Who Italian Club and SG-F Stargate Fanclub Italia.

Costumes Contest Regulations    

1) Date of the event
May 22th, 2021 Bellaria Igea Marina Conference Center Participants must arrive no later than 30 minutes before the fashion show at the main hall.    
The show is open only to StarCon 2021 participants     
2) Costumes theme     
The costumes worn by the contestants must be part of sci-fi and/or fantasy world as seen/described in movies, TV series and books.     
3) Registration procedure 
Registration via e-mail: it will be possible to subscribe to the parade by e-mail by writing to starting from 19 February 2021 from 10am until 3 May 2021 at 10pm. Registrations via e-mail only serve for those who want to book their performance in time. The organization declines all responsibility from the non-receipt of the registration email.     
Registration on the spot: it will be possible to register for the parade directly at the StarCon 2020 on special posted sheets, whose location will be indicated at the STIC-AL banquet during the days of the convention, from 4 pm on Thursday until 7 pm on Saturday.     
In both methods of registration, some personal data must be provided (name, surname, character and its origin, single-couple-group). Entries that do not include the above will not be accepted.     You can register only once and no participation in different groups is allowed.     
5) Music bases and reference images     
A photo of the interpreted character to be shown during the exhibition and a musical base where it is needed is appreciated.


6) Order in the parade and exhibition duration     
The participants of the parade will go on stage according to the order of registration.    
If a partecipant does not show up on time at the parade and loses his performance, he/she could go on stage as last (if the show is still in progress).     
The common sense of the participants of the show is recalled: do not litter the stage during the exhibition; not to have vulgar or provocative attitudes towards the public or the presenters; do not use dangerous materials or objects during the exhibition. The use of animals during the parade must be agreed with the organization.     
The exhibition, be it a simple parade, a scene, a singing performance and the like, cannot last more than 3 minutes. It may be interrupted if this duration is not respected. Exceedances of the duration deemed necessary, will have to be agreed with the organization that will decide the concession and may not in any case exceed 5 minutes in total.     
7) Awards     
The prizes will be awarded by the public through applause voting with methodology and in number communicated at the beginning of the fashion show.     
The special prizes are decided by the groups to which the award refers.     


The prizes that will be awarded are:   
  1. Best Male costume     
  2. Best Female costume     
  3. Best Group (or Couple)     
The special prizes that will be awarded are:     


  1. Last Outpost Award     
  2. STIC-AL Award “Star Trek”     
  3. Doctor Who Italian Club Award “A Blue Wardrobe”     
  4. SG-F Award “La Porta delle Stelle”      
  5. Jury Award     
The jury     
The Jury Prize will be awarded by a committee including figures and important people in the sectors covered by the event and present at the StarCon and consists of an entry to the StarCon 2022.     The prize is nominal, non-transferable and cannot be combined with other rights already acquired, for example free entry to the event for children under 12 years of age.     
It is not redeemable for cash, discounts or gift vouchers.     
8) Other     
For anything not included in this regulation, contact the organization.