Happy Christmas to all and, as usual, a beautiful gift under the tree of StarCon 2019. We are pleased to announce the arrival at the Palacongressi Bellaria – Igea Marina of Doug Jones.

Doug Jones is perhaps one of the most brilliant actors of our time. Some say it is the “Boris Karloff” of this generation! His film debut dates back to 1990 in the movie The Queen of Hell. In 1992 he starred in Tim Burton’s Batman – The Return to the Clown, Pinguino’s Shoulder. Doug’s career includes numerous roles in television and cinema; fans will long remember Doug for his role as Silver Surfer in The Fantastic 4 and Silver Surfer. He is also the interpreter of Abe Sapien in the films Hellboy and Hellboy: The Golden Army, in which, in addition to the character of Abe, he plays two other roles, that of the Chamberlain and that of the angel of the death, having the opportunity to work for the director Guillermo del Toro. Doug wants to be remembered for the Oscar-winning film Il Labirinto del Fauno, where he plays two characters. In fact, he plays Pan (the faun creature) and the pale man. For this film, Doug has learned all his lines in Spanish, thanks to a special script prepared for him in English! Another film, favorite of the fans, is the Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, in which Doug plays the stupid zombie, former boyfriend of Bette Midler, Billy Butcherson. While his first appearance in a comic book was opposite Danny De Vito in the role of a faded circus clown in Batman – The Return. In addition to these very popular films, we find Doug in the highly intelligent alien, Cochise, in the sci-fi series produced by Steven Spielberg Falling Skies, in seasons 3 and 4. Other noteworthy roles on TV for Doug include William Barrow in Teen Wolf and the protagonist Gentleman in the episode “The Scream That Kills” by Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a candidate for the Emmy! Currently Doug plays Lieutenant Saru in Star Trek: CBS Discovery. It can also be seen in the award-winning film The Shape of Water, in which Doug works again to give life to an original story by the director Guillermo del Toro! The Star Trek aliens have always been loved by fans of the saga and also in Star Trek: Discovery the character of Saru has won the sympathy of the trekker people and we will be able to show it all to his interpreter at StarCon 2019.