Who we are

Starcon Italia was founded in 2011 by the collaboration between the organizers of the three most long-lived science fiction conventions in Italy: Sticcon, Italcon and Yavincon. It is therefore a themed container for the national gatherings of the most numerous and active associations and groups in Italy, the event-dream of all enthusiasts. The Starcon team consists of an organizing committee and over 80 volunteers, members of non-profit associations involved and from all over Italy. In addition to the members of the board of directors of these associations, two publishing houses participate actively in the organization of the event. For 2019 Starcon italia includes:

STICCON XXXIV Official convention of STIC-AL organized by STIC – Star Trek Italian Club

Yavicon  a Star Wars fans convention organized by Yavin4 Fan Club

Regeneration Five – Convention of Doctor Who Italian Club organized by Doctor Who Italian Club

Chevron 4 – Convention of SG-F Stargate Fanclub Italia organized by SG-F Stargate Fanclub Italia

“Kronos One – The days of Honor”,official convention of Italian Klinzha Society – Ass. Culturale

Commercial management and event bookings Ultimo Avamposto

with the collaboration of:

Doctor Who Hermits United – Italian Fans of the Doctor