We promised you new revelations soon, and we will not hold back.

The future is coming, and for us it has only one name: Starcon Italia 2019.

First, the dates: our multicon will take place from 9 to 12 May 2019. Mark these dates on the calendar, check that there are no other important events that overlap, do not take other commitments and go immediately to your head to book holidays .

And then the location. You want to know where we're going, of course. Well, we explored the galaxy in search of new worlds. We found hospitable planets but small, hospitable planets but too scattered, hospitable planets but reachable only by taking the train to Hogwarts, or a dog sled. And, just like the Voyager in the Delta dial, we managed to ... get home. Yes, you read that right: let's go home.

The Starcon Italia 2019 will be held again in Bellaria, the place that - we remind the recent arrivals - has already hosted us continuously from 1998 to 2016, and for this return we must thank the manager of the Congress Center, which made it possible, and Matteo Foschi, who was in all respects our Reginald Barclay, paving the way and allowing us to arrive at their destination safe and sound.

We will then return to our former home, which has since been renovated in its crucial areas. Many things have changed, as you will discover (the technical equipment, for example, is completely renewed), and there will be some surprises. It will not be exactly as before, but the news does not scare us. In fact, we cannot wait to (re) discover the old but new location.

See you on the Romagna coast, then. Always stay tuned to our new ad channels, which will reveal each guest one by one from here to the next May.